Jesus’ 12-step plan for how to do a Start Up – video

Posted November 25th, 2015 by Mia Mei

Jesus knows something about doing a Start Up. Maybe not a hi-tech type of Start Up. But starting with zero and growing a vibrant organization. Jesus knows a LOT about that.

I heard just a day or two ago that there are now some 2.4 billion people that are members of the church (Jesus’ start up). And the organization has been around some 2000 years.

In this video I talk about his, um, 12-step plan. Okay, this is my 12-step interpretation of what He did.

Still, there is a pre-launch, launch, endorsement, quality assurance, work ethic, team building… and many more essentials that I think go into successfully getting a new idea off the ground and in to the everlasting.

This is the second video in an ongoing series on Jesus as Mentor, Life Coach and Consultant.

And, of course, everything I learn from Jesus contributes to How I Learned to Be Me.

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