• Being bilingual can prevent dementia

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    Being bilingual is cool. What is cooler is being tri-lingual or multi-lingual.

    Wilby studies the recipe to being bilingual

    Wilby studies the recipe to being bilingual

    What is even cooler than that is being able to remember when you are older just how cool you used to be.

    PsychCentral.com reported that Bilingual Skills May Protect from Dementia.

    And…and…and… I forgot the other one. What was I writing about again?

    Oh, Washington Post said the same thing – being bilingual may delay dementia.

    It doesn’t take a mental giant to figure out the more you use your noodle, the less likely it is to rust up.

    Seriously, it just makes sense. Use it or lose it is the old adage goes.

    I am going to report on this first hand in a few more years….if I live that long…and if I can remember that I said I would do it.



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