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3-year old flower power

3-year old flower power

Daddy tells me I have flower power.

My daddy went to attack (Ed: *ad:tech)  San Francisco yesterday by chew-chew train.

I know that because I saw the chew-chew train spit him out after it was done. Daddy looked better than things do after I chew them.

I am not sure who won the attack but daddy came home safely. That’s all that matters to me.

When daddy goes to these corn fences (Ed: conferences), he usually brings me some presents. To even things out, I make (I only got four dollars* so I can’t buy) him presents and give them to him.

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What I Like by the Blog – Bicultural Mama

What I Like by the Blog – Bicultural Mama

I spent a couple of hours going through the blog Bicultural Mama this morning.

It’s part of my homework on my own blog. But when it’s fun, it doesn’t feel like work.

I write about growing up biculturally.  But I am still little.

Bicultural Mama is not. She’s been around for a while. And she has written almost 450 posts! I can hardly count that high. I sometimes get confused around 15, 16 …

Bicultural Mama
Bicultural Mama

Bicultural Mama writes about bicultural sell it bitties. (Ed. Celebrities)

Daddy says I don’t need to be a celebrity to be called pretty and to be loved. But it’s okay to see how other people have become good at what they do and are admired by other people. They are called rolly pollies or something like that. (Ed. Role Models).

Bicultural Mama introduces tips for kids – like what happens if you are getting cowed. (Ed. Bullied.)

I know what to do if I get bullied, like from my teacher at my Chinese-American kindergarten.

I tell my daddy. And he takes care of it. He had a long talk with the head teacher at school this morning. And she listened to my daddy. Go, daddy!

Speaking of school. Recess is over. I’d better get back inside before my teachers think I am watching Netflix.


My China Connection

My China Connection

My daddy has a good friend who writes a blog like me. His blog is called My China Connection.

He writes about idiot moms. (Ed: idioms). I don’t know why anyone would say bad things about their mommies. But, anyway…

China Connecting

I have a connection to China, too. My gong gong and poh poh are in China. (Ed: Grandpa and grandma)

In fact I am in China now. Mostly because my mommy is here and my daddy says it’s a good time for me to come.

Daddy says it has something to do with lane, gigs, and quit sitting down. (Ed: language acquisition). Right! You try saying those words when you are only 2 years old and in one ear my daddy is speaking English and in the other everyone else is speaking Chinese!

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Elvis Presley's Blogging Workshop

Elvis Presley's Blogging Workshop

Blogging Workshop

My daddy likes to say that he did NOT dress the King. The King, of course, is Elvis Presley. And Bill Belew was his costume designer.

THAT Bill Belew is not my daddy.

My daddy does blogging workshops. He helps people see their goals, reach into all the world, have a voice, make a difference.

I think that is way cooler than putting costumes on a singer. Besides my daddy dresses me in costumes…pumpkins, giraffes and such. That is not so cool, but I love it when my daddy plays with me even if it means making me look silly.

He looks pretty silly at times, too. Well, all the time. But don’t tell him I said that.

When I grow up, I want to make a difference in people’s lives like my daddy.

How about you? What are you going to do when you grow up?