Nintendo’s Wii to Compete with XBox and Playstation

Nintendo’s Wii to Compete with XBox and Playstation

Nintendo has created a new game console that will go head to head to head with XBox and Playstation .

The official name of the playstation is Wii….pronounced Wee…as in Wee Wee Wee all the way home. Can you believe it took 6 months to come up with the name.

The Brits are saying the name is offensive because it is how they call their wee little jr. members.

But, then the Brits didn’t like Winnie the Poo, either.

It reminds me of when Bob Dole was running for president and the Arab community didn’t know how to translate his name for similar reasons.

What I want to know is how the Japanese plan to write it in katakana. That’s a problem, too.

Six months, to come up with the name Wii?

I guess it’s better than the story of how they came up with the name Datsun. The boss told the naming department the Friday before “We have this new car and we need a name for it?”

“When do you need the name by?


To which they replied, “Dat soon?!”

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