Question: When does Tinker Bell’s – The Pirate Fairy – come out?

Answer: April 1, 2014. And that is NOT an April Fool’s joke.

Question: Where can I pre-order the DVD for the best price?

Answer: Here => pre-order The Pirate Fairy DVD for the best price (says daddy).

I like Tinker Bell. Not as much as Anna and especially Elsa. But Tinker Bell and I are buds.

I met her at Disney Land.

Tinker Bell and Mia

Tinker Bell and Mia

She did something for us that she said she had never done before. And I don’t know that she has ever done again.

You can read Tinker Bell Admits To Doing Something She Never Did Before

Actually, she did 2 things. I saw one of them and daddy saw both.

I am glad I missed the second one. It would have been like seeing Santa Claus in blue jeans.

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My daddy brought me some pixie dust once. It was in a very tiny bottle so I didn’t want to use it unless it was an emergency.

But little things are hard to keep track of … and I lost it.

Then it showed up. Then got lost again. Ugh.

It’s hard being a little girl. I’d feel bad but daddy says he loses stuff all the time.

I won’t lose my The Pirate Fairy DVD. You can bet on that.


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My daddy is silly.

Goofy Daddy

Goofy Daddy

Okay, he’s goofy.

You might even say he is …. (Editor, Mia! You can stop now.)’

Spend Time Laughing with Your Kids

But, one thing is for sure, he loves to laugh. He loves to make me laugh. He loves to try and show me the funny side of life.

My daddy not only laughs with me, he teaches me how to laugh, too.

I just wish we could spend more and more time laughing with one another.

Daddy was born the year of the horse. I love when he plays horse with me. That is… he’s the horse and I am the rider.

Daddy is a talking horse, like Bree in Chronicles of Narnia. Sometimes I call him, ‘Sugar Cube.’

My daddy loves sweets. Too many sweets according to Mommy.

I don’t know about those things.

Love to Laugh

What I know is that Daddy loves to laugh. I love to laugh. And we love laughing together.

We call it ‘laughing in harmony.’

Spend More Happy Time with Your Kids

Does your daddy spend time laughing with you? Does he spend a lot of time laughing with you?

If not, I’ll send my daddy over. He’ll make you guys laugh for sure.

Thanks, Daddy, for not regretting to spend more time laughing with me.

Series on the 25 most influential Chinese-Americans

Posted May 29th, 2016 by Mia Mei
Chinese Americans change the world

Chinese Americans change the world

A hundred internet years ago (Ed. actually 7+) my daddy created a web site devoted to business in the PanAsian area. That’s China, Japan, Korea, Russia, India and so on.

At one point the site drifted into entertainment, which is a business, and daddy did a series on the most popular Chinese actresses, then actors. It turned out to be pretty popular in a forum that my mommy likes to visit.

So, I asked daddy to help me do some research on Chinese-Americans who have had a big influence in America or China or even the world.

And he did. He is doing the research.

He has come up with a working list of several 100 influential Chinese-Americans.

Wow! Chinese-Americans have made a big difference! For the better, too!

Now, daddy and I are trying to write about these Chinese-Americans in the order we think that they had the biggest and best influence on the US, China and the world.

And over the next few weeks and months we will introduce them here and ask you, dear reader, what you think.

This series is fun for me because whenever daddy learns something new about somebody new, he tells me … on one of our morning walks.

And, to be sure, these people are an inspiration to someone like me, a little Chinese-American girl, who still doesn’t know how she’s going to change the world.

But I will. Just give me a few years to find my feet … and my dream.

Having breakfast with Princess Jasmine

Posted May 29th, 2016 by Mia Mei

It must be because my mommy and daddy took me to the magic kingdom.

Now I have a magic nation. (Ed: imagination)

Magic nations are fun. (Ed: imagination!)

I can go anywhere, do anything, be anybody and still be safe at home. How cool is that?

Today, my daddy was sooooo excited he said.

He had breakfast with Princess Jasmine. (Don’t tell him that it was me! Hee hee…)

Princess Jasmine and Me - Can you tell which is which?

He made waffles, and he Read more »