Pocahontas was tough to find at Disneyland. Okay, think impossible. When we visited Disney World we were told that we MIGHT find her in the Animal Kingdom. When daddy and I thought about it it made sense. But we didn’t have time to go to the Magic Kingdom AND Epcot Center AND the Animal Kingdom.

But … we did come upon Pocahontas one day when I was a very little girl when we were between Adventure Land and Frontier Land at Disneyland. I have proof.

Finding Pocahontas in Frontierland

Finding Pocahontas in Frontier Land

Pocahontas is harder to catch than the wind because she is:

Naughty One – she disobeyed her father. And look where that got her.

Free-spirited – not to be forced into a mold. She lived her own life, took the stream less sailed.

Independent – lives her own life

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Responsible – watches out for the animals around her

Adventurous – experiences all that life has to offer

Creation loving – enjoys the world she is born in to

Spiritual – understands there is more to life than what you see and touch

Wise – not sophisticated in an Eastern sense, but still very insightful

Noble – uncompromising for her own benefit

Brave – will stand up to anyone

Athletic – climbs, runs, jumps, dives, swim

Skillful – look mom, no hands … but still she can do

Strong – None of this, ‘well I am a woman’ stuff.

Pocahontas has a lot to offer for little girls to look up to. Starting with me.
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My mommy likes John Denver. Daddy, too. But daddy is not Chinese. He’s made in USA. Mommy is made in China.

Mommy said Chinese really liked John Denver when he first came to China a hundred years ago when she was a little girl.

“John Denver is easy to understand. And he doesn’t only sing love songs. He sings about mountains, and hills and country sides and stuff. Chinese really like that. They sing about those kinds of things, too.”

Daddy grew up listening to the 60’s music. He says it because that’s what his older brothers and sisters listened to. Truth is. He grew up in the 60’s.

During that time, everybody wrote love songs. I fell in love. I fell out of love. She came. He left. Love song, love song. Boring.

Pop music, rock music, country music. All love songs.

Daddy said that if you play a country music song backwards, your house will come back down from out of the sky, your dog will come back to life and your wife will come back to you.” Maybe she was at the store.

There’s more to sing about then love songs for sure.

Stars and letters and sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere.

What kind of songs do you like?

Chinese church versus English Church – how to decide

Posted August 29th, 2016 by Mia Mei

This is a problem for me.

I speak Chinese and I speak English.

I sing in Chinese and I sing in English.

I love to go to church in Chinese and I love to go in English.

My mommy likes to go to Chinese church because that is where all of her friends are.

Yup, you guessed it. My daddy likes to go to English church because that’s where his friends are.

Daddy also says, “Whenever I go to the English worship at a Chinese church, the average age of the group will jump by several points. I am older than 2, 3 and sometimes 4 of the other people who are present.”

I don’ t know if it’s because my daddy is old or because all the kids in the English worship at Chinese church are young … or both.

But we have to decide. Chinese church or English church. And it’s hard.

When we have really hard decisions, me and mommy look at daddy.

Daddy will decide and mommy will change it if she doesn’t like it. 8-)!

But daddy will always make a decision that gives us a starting point.

Daddy decided we will go to Chinese church. That way Mommy can learn in her heart language and I can learn in one of my heart languages.

Daddy has been around the church for a while and he says he doesn’t mind giving us a turn to learn.

Daddies are like that. They let mommies and little girls go first.

I wonder if he learned how to do that in church.

Watch my Daddy’s 12-step plan for a start up according to Jesus.

A Lesson I Learned from My Dad

Posted August 29th, 2016 by Mia's Daddy

My dad has always been my inspiration in my life. I am a very late child and brought up in a very family life which has been a mix of

My motivation in life - My dad

My motivation in life – My dad

traditional and modern blend. I am always been very close to my dad and he has always been very supporting and motivating to me. My dad is a business man and he does business of medicines  My dads life was full of struggle and hardship and he started working very early in life. There were number of responsibilities on his head at a very early age as grandfather passed away. My grandfather was a very rich landlord and he had very very big land. Besides working, my dad also used to take care of the land and the entire family. He  took care of his younger brother and got his younger sisters married too. He has been a very responsible and mature person. Besides learning professional skills, i have also learnt several soft skills from my dad which are very important to become successful.


My dad started off his career by doing a contractor business. He took contracts from the government and worked on building roads and big school buildings. Since my childhood i have seen him as a very very soft spoken and hardworking person. Although he was into contracting and business, he always wanted me to study hard and become a very qualified and successful person in life. Since i belong to a very traditional society and a very small town from India, it was very difficult to come out to a different city and study. My dad never stopped me from doing so. He always motivated me to pursue career of my choice and go ahead in life. I remember times when i failed in life was very much disappointing with it. My dad always told me” Success is not as sweet if you don’t taste failure in life” . He became very angry when i used to cry or feel low. He always said that crying and low confidence are signs of looser.


Another important characteristics i have ingrained in myself from my dad is a habit of reading and writing. I always remember my dad

Voracious reading

Voracious reading

as a voracious reader and writer. He always read novels and newspapers, magazines during his free time and also wrote diaries. Me and my brother as children also ingrained this habit and we also have a habit of reading and writing during our free time. My dad always taught me work hard and do your studies right now and you will be a happy person throughout your life.  Knowledge brings respect to your life. Both me and my brother are successful in their own respective careers and the credit goes to my dad who has been the source behind our success.