Ultrarunning and Life's Lessons

Ultrarunning and Life’s Lessons

Growing up is a marathon not a sprint – Getting out of your comfort zone

Daddy used to do ultramarathons and triathlons. That’s what this ongoing series is all about. The lessons he learned on the bike, in the pool and on the run.

Lesson: No seat feels comfortable after 5 hours of riding.

Fact: In the long distance events, unless you are really really fast, you will be on a bike longer than 5 hours.

When things go wrong, feel wrong or just plain hurt, there’s a tendency to feel self-pity.

The athlete in training feels it. The concert pianist who practices every day feels it. The dancer, the singer and so on. When things go wrong as they do sometimes, the individual begins to think that they are the only ones who ever feel the way they are at the moment.

Nobody else ever hurts, gets bored, gets lonely, works so hard, gets so little results for so much effort … and and and …

Poor poor me.

Truth is, after a while whatever you doing persistently is going to hurt at some point.

It’s at that point you get to grow, to beat your competition. Whenever the guy next to you starts to hurt and you start to hurt and he or she quits, backs off, eases up … bear  down, push harder, stay with it a bit longer and you will win.

Every body hurts at some point. It’s what you do when you face that hurt that makes the difference.

Have you ever given up too soon? Then gone home and felt like, ‘If I hadn’t quit then … Or now that I look I look back on that moment I could have … ”

Don’t quit when it hurts. Quit after everyone else has quit.

Then when you feel like quitting … keep going just a bit more.

Getting prepared for the new baby – First time Dad’s.

Posted May 23rd, 2015 by Mia's Daddy

Preparing for a newborn baby:

Dad Son

Dad  & Son

In few days are you expecting your newborn? These are some steps which will make you prepared for your newborn baby. Instead of being panicked after the baby arrives and not knowing where to start from,  it’s better to be with your wife and prepare well in advance for the newborn to arrive.

1. Start relaxing now itself because in future there is going to be so many sleepless nights and you would be more busy and in tension to how to get all the things right.

2. Start reading the parenting books which would be more helpful to you or take the parenting class. This class or books would teach you a lot of stuff like bathing your baby, changing diapers, painting baby room, knowing more about child food. These would prepare you for your baby.

3. Start helping your partner setting up the baby room. Try to bring the baby furniture, toys beds and start arranging these before your wife asking you. This would make your wife feel happy and you yourself will also be happy doing all your baby stuff.

4. In the ninth month start talking to your baby. Let me tell you he/she can listen to you. You can start your bond with your baby without him/her coming to this world. You can make him sleep by singing a song or comforting your wife which will also give comfort to your baby too.

5. Learn how to put a baby seat in your car. So many people do it wrong. Not that you would go wrong but if you are prepared your baby will be in safe hands. Once your baby is in this world I am telling you won’t have time for anything.

6. Tell your partner your problem if you have any. Tell her if it’s not possible to be with her for a few days for any unwanted circumstance. She can have someone else arranged like her mother or mother in law or any other relative. Don’t hide it until the last moment because if she comes to know at the last moment she would be freaked out and mad too. It will indirectly hurt your baby too. So be prepared for this too.

All these steps will start preparing you as a good dad, before the born of the baby. You may have difficulties doing any of these but once you start it you would do it. And remember this, all things are for the little one who is going to bring loads of happiness in your life with his/her little footsteps. Once the baby is in your life , it will change your life forever with happiness and lots of responsibilities. So Do things in keeping your baby in mind. These few little thing’s will lessen the tension between you and your partner and both can happily prepare for the new home coming child. It will even not create any surprises once the baby arrives because you will be well prepared in advance to take good care of the new baby and your partner too. They both will be needing your help , not only as the baby’s father but in many different ways .

Thank you for reading.

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How to raise bilingual children in 5 steps

Posted May 23rd, 2015 by Mia Mei

I know something about how to raise bilingual children.

bilingual child - Mia Mei

Bilingual Child Mia Mei

I have 2 sons that are not only bilingual, they are bi-cultural. There’s a big difference. I will write about that in future posts. Go to Who’s My daddy for a very brief report of how they turned out.

5 steps? 10 steps? That number is a bit arbitrary.

I do know, however, it takes concerted effort and sacrifice to raise bilingual children. It does not just happen. Good luck with just hoping your kids turn out speaking two languages.

The steps –

1. Expose your children to both languages. The more your children hear both languages being spoken the more intrigued they become. Also, language skills enter through the ear. Children must hear what they want to say before they can say it.

2. Make it fun for your child to hear both languages. My children watched cartoons and such in both Japanese and English. When they were little they never knew they were Read more »

Amazing Grace | Reverse Culture Shock | Whiny Music

Posted May 23rd, 2015 by Mia Mei
Reverse Culture Shock

Reverse Culture Shock

The people at Panera are in need of some Amazing Grace.

Or, make no mistake, my daddy is suffering from reverse culture shock.

There is an, ahem, song that is played twice a day at Panera that daddy says has the purpose of pushing people out the door.

They should use an announcement –

“You have been here long enough. We don’t want you here any more. Please leave now or you will be annoyed to tears by this song.”

It’s a girl, he thinks, that goes, (this will be terribly difficult to spell) – uohh, uohh, uohh … over and over again and again and again. 37 times she repeats that 3-sound phrase.

My calculator says – 3 x 37 = 111 times she says ‘uohh’ and nothing else. Then it fades out with the effect of sticking in your head … until you leave the coffee shop and replace it with something, anything from music on your Pandora account.

Great song for getting rid of people. But is it music? Do people tap their feet to it? Do they sing along with it when they do NOT have a belly ache?

If it’s not reverse culture shock, there is definitely a generation gap and daddy is on the other side somewhere.

Daddy asks, “When did music not become music?”

Come to think of it, his daddy used to ask him the same thing.