Lessons I learnt from my Businessman Dad

Posted August 4th, 2015 by Mia's Daddy

Throughout my life I have seen my father working really hard, waking up early going off to work, No excuses for a vacation. The most important lesson I learnt was “IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO WORK” NO Excuses. Actually my grandfather was a Luggage Puller in India but my dad really wanted to ease the pain of his family. The pain of Poverty, he used to work day and night in search of work. He joined a small clothing shop as a helper and saved all his money, skipped his meals just to save money and not too late he collected enough money and goodwill (that he got loans from his friends to build some stock). He started selling the clothes, bed sheets from home and after 2 years he managed to collect enough money to open a shop. Now he is the proud owner of 3 boutiques and he is a famous business man all over Delhi. The lesson learnt from my father cannot be described in words but definitely it has taught me the right perspective I need to have towards my life.

Below are Top 3 lessons that I learnt from my Father

Lessons from my Father

Lessons from my Father

1.      Sell an Experience, not just a service/product:

My dad always used to tell me that you can sell any product and gain profit but that would be a one time deal but if you are able to impress your clients by the kind if customer service you provided it will lead to positive word of mouth and repeated customers. So don’t make selling as your first priority but work hard towards giving the best experience to your customers.

2.      Always ready to learn new things:

I still remember my dad telling me everything in this world teaches you some lesson. So just keep your mind open, learn from your environment and keep yourself ready to change.

I put it as “THE ONLY THING CONSTANT INTHIS WORLD IS CHANGE”, change is inevitable so to survive in this era of severe competition, just keep changing and introduce new things to your customers.

3. Be a Person of the people.

Since my father has already gone through a lot of pain this lesson he considers as the most important lesson. He says that you need to be people’s person only then you will be able to develop relations with customers, employees and even friends and family. Everybody deserves respect. He always prophesied that “Everything in this world is give and take, If you give respect you will take/have respect”.

Having said that, there are numerous things that I have incorporated from my dad. His teachings are beyond words but yes even today the above stated three lessons are definitely a prerequisite for any business. Definitely, any success I will get from Lunch Express, I would like to dedicate it to my DAD.

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Dads with little maturity: Stories and Experiences!

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Immature Dads, Stories, Lives

Immature Dads, Stories, Lives

This post shall discuss all about managing dads who have little maturity and understanding of how to raise a family and behave with respect within the family in order to be equal and impartial towards all members of the family and lay the groundwork in order to build a healthy and a cozy relationship between family members.  These fathers simply do not get it and do not know what it takes to build and nurture the family in order to create a long lasting web of healthy relationships that carry on for generations and members of the family can then reap the rewards of the foundation laid out by these dads.

These dads are often times mentally challenged and lack the necessary social intelligence in order to gain respect within the family and friends and rude to most of the people that they meet. These dads also comprise of people who have lost their capacities to think in a logical and unbiased manner and are therefore are caught in this maze of repeated abuse and intolerance in all modes and walks of life.  These dads are often times seen ridiculing the members of the family and are also subject of ridicule from other members of the family.  These dads in lot of cases are hampered in terms of broad mindedness when it comes to dealing with people.  These dads are disregarded by the friends and family and are often times ignored by the family members because their opinions are often divergent and out of the ordinary norms of the normal functioning of people within the constraints imposed by the society.  They often are misguided and misguide people who are close to them with their insane arguments and which clearly shows that they are not in the right frame of mind. These dads might have been facing mental problems due to a variety of reasons and some of these dads might have been involved in an accident that might have caused them to lose their ability to think and reason.  These incidents from the past might have been the reason for their disability and mental handicap and prevented them to think like us normal individuals.  Many of these dads might have also slipped into this mode of perpetual ignorance and irrationality because of tragedies, their initial up bringing or traumatic events such as a car crash, divorce, constant infighting between the father and the spouse or it might have been a terrible accident that they met with sometime in their lives.

These reasons constituted above are some of the main reasons for these dads not able to fulfill their basic duties and responsibilities in creating a sound atmosphere for their family members to lead a healthy and normal life.  These dads can also be ignorant right from the onset which might be also due to some undesirable influence in the early stages of their mental programming that might have caused an irreparable damage to their thinking ability.  Many of these men also go mad because of marital problems and constant fighting, bickering and quarrel that goes on between the members of the family which might have been the reason for them to lose it completely and can be possibly attributed to the role of marriage in our society, which is not a fairy tale for everyone as it is portrayed in movies and television media. The husband and wife should not keep quarreling, especially in front of their kids and should get their act together in order to holding up their end of the bargain that they vowed to keep up during the wedding ceremony.






I’m glad at last I got a chance to write on this topic – A Lesson I Learned from My Working Dad and again on this blog as a guest writer. Here you go I’m all set to write my favorite topic on dooverdad blog. Yay! Growing up as a child I’ve always admired my working dad who was a role model to me and not mention to my other siblings.

Not just any lesson in fact I learned many lessons from my dad. My working dad is my provider, a protector, a teacher, a friend, a role model and my back bone. Without him we’re nothing today. Apart from his busy schedule, he tried his best to provide to all the facilities, I never faced any trouble till he passed away. There was never a moment I forgot him, I can feel his presence all the time.

Working DAD

Working DAD

As far as my knowledge goes, he took care of me and always protected me in every wrong step that I was about to make. My mother being my first teacher, in my real life my father got that chance – like being my teacher. My mother had to spend solid 4 years in other state to take care of my cousin who came to India from the US to pursue her medicine. My mother had to take care of her in other city, other state! I missed being my mom in those crucial period of my life, when it was my learning phase. So my working dad took control of everything including my mom’s role and stood strong by our sides and taught many new things, helped with our homework, fixed our lunches and dinners and washed our dirty laundry – he used to do all these without a single complaint.

Unlike the US, all working dads in India got to work 6 days in a week and sometimes on weekends though he used to work for a government firm. I remember he coming pretty late in the nights, quickly fixed our dinners, asked us the

Picture 3

I always loved my dad’s food. He’s such a great cook.

general questions and well-being questions like how we did that particular day/how was our day/did we complete doing our homework, and other things., he made sure that he offered his shoulder to cry on, gave a listening ear to our problems, helped us in solving them on our own and without any complaint.

Why I called my dad as a role model?! Well there’s a good reason for calling him so. Being an Assistant Officer at a Police Administration Office, he’s a Poet, he’s Philanthropist, an Animal Lover…etc., My working dad had always had a kind heart towards the poor things – people, animals, and anything you think can fall into this category. My dad always provided shelter to stray dogs and cats. You wouldn’t believe all those stray cats and dogs became our pets and we treated them as our family members.

My working dad encouraged us in our studies and also in our curricural activities. Specially speaking about Indian working dads, all these things are usually taken care of mothers or we’ve training institutions that used to train us in our weak area of concentration. And I can proudly say that never in my life got a chance to join such institutions.

No matter how successful I’ve become today or yet to become, my working dad will be my backbone for N number of reasons.

After all this discussion and description of my working dad; that one lesson that I learned from my working dad is – never to show your impatience in your work, to take things carefully and slowly, sharing is caring, help others who are less fortunate, always be available for your family and friends, and many others!

My Daddy, My Hero

My Daddy, My Hero

My working dad is my HERO! He may not be with us here today but he lives our hearts. DAD, I’m proud of you.



3-year old travel blogger countdowns to Disneyland

Posted August 3rd, 2015 by Mia Mei

My daddy is a problogger. I don’t know lots of stuff, but I know what that means. It means he goes to Panera Bread to eat cookies and drink iced tea while looking at his computer. And sometimes he takes me along and I can eat flower cookies and drink smoothies and blog on my computer, too!

Travel blogger heading to Disneyland

Travelblogger heading to Disneyland

He also writes about stuff on his computer. Like today he wrote about what it takes to be a successful travel blogger.

I am going to be a travel blogger, too. Starting with my next trip to Read more »