Perry Chen - Kickstarter co-founder

Perry Chen – Kickstarter co-founder

The more I read about Chinese-American Perry Chen the more amazing I think his contribution is.

Perry Chen is a co-founder of

This is incredible.

Kickstarter is responsible for generating funding for more than 48,000 creative projects. These are artists who might not otherwise get visibility for their ideas but now can. Movie makers. Cartoonists. Animators. Musicians. Writers. Startups.

4.7 million people have given more than $773,000,000! That’s a lot of zeroes.

That’s a lot of change in a lot of people’s lives.

Kickstarter is a great name, too.

I wonder … how many others have tried to imitate Kickstarter? And how many of them have successfully raised money for whatever venture?

So, not only is Kickstarter helping people in the arts, they have inspired others to reach out and be a source of funding in their chosen spaces.

Kickstarter is a great idea at just the right time.

I now find myself going there on a regular basis to look for good ideas that I can contribute to.

It seems to me that people, some people, many people? have money and are looking for a good outlet, a way to contribute, to make the world a more interesting place. And Kickstarter is a good place to start.


Baby Stroller Parking

Kids NOT enjoying shopping

Okay, 5 may be way too few for the places a kid and her daddy can go to play for free. But these are places you might not expect to find on the list, places like parks and the beach and for a hike. You know, the usual.

How about Ikea?

I mean there are dozens and dozens of new rooms. It’s like a 100 houses with a hundred variations for each. Lots of good places to climb and explore.

How about Target and Walmart?

They have Disney aisles!!! Who needs to find a Disney store when daddy and I can walk (it’s a little bit far for me and he usually carries me) there from our house.

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How about the Mall?

We have several within driving distance. There are play areas and jewelry stores and Disney stores and cars and dolphins and airplanes to ride on. (Daddy usually just shakes them for me real hard.)

Mommies and daddies don’t need to spend time on us to have fun. They just need to spend time.

Daddy said that he read somewhere that kids spell love: T – I – M – E.

But if we can climb and play hide and go seek and explore and dream about diamonds and shoes and stuff. Nothing wrong with that, eh?

My SUPER dad!

Posted March 31st, 2015 by Mia's Daddy
My super dad

My super dad

Today I strive to be the strength of his shoulders because I am proud to be my dad’s daughter. Love you dad…need you always.

For dad,  his loved ones’ happiness meant more to him than his own. He always puts others happiness before his, thus gaining so much love and respect and earning all the sweet nicknames.

My dad encouraged me to pursue my studies and to have a steadfast career. While I was in two minds to join my dream company as it involved a lot of travel, he made me realize to always hold on to my dreams and pursue it. Thanks dad for making me independent.

He had always shown the same measure of happiness at the birth of all us siblings. For him we are his gems and peace to his eyes.

He not only taught me the complexities of maths and science but also the true nuances of religion and faith. He instilled the belief that faith is the most important pillar of life. He taught me the joy of giving and sharing. Thanks dad for making me content and faithful.

As children we don’t understand the hardships our parents go through to make us safe and happy. Dads, being the bread earner struggle alone without his family but did not uproot his children from their familiar surroundings.

Thanks dad for making me value every relationship.

When it was time for me to get married, I was scared he would reject my choice of husband but he wanted me to be happy and knew that my happiness depended on his acceptance. But he made me respect opinion of others.

Our dads make us humane and understand the realities and truth of life.

Whenever I am around him, I seem to be engulfed in a warm and serene cocoon.  For me, my dad is the epitome of all the goodness in this world and everyday is Father’s Day…. I Love you dad.

Being the only child I was always pampered, encouraged to take up challenges. He always supported me. I used to copy all his habits be it the way he brushed or the way he walked. We used to have play-fights whenever he would come back from work. He always gave me the best of everything without me asking for it.

As a child I remember always roaming around in my daddy’s arms being carried by him either on his shoulders or in his arms.

I have lots of memories many which I want to pen down but as I am writing my heart is crying and I have to control my tears. Years have passed by but the memories are fresh.


How Restaurants Can Help Parents with Their Kids

Posted March 31st, 2015 by Mia Mei
Bum Parenting Advice

Bum Parenting Advice

It is not the responsibility of restaurants to help parents teach their kids how to behave when they are eating out as a family.

Still … I thought the idea that a restaurant in the Midwest came up with was kind of cool.

Mostly, because I am sure that I could get my mommy and daddy a discount whenever we go out to eat.

The restaurant gave a 10% discount for well-behaved children.


I am always a good girl in restaurants. Well, almost always.

Daddy and mommy talk to me a lot at the restaurant. They ask me about school, my friends and stuff.

If I get bored waiting, daddy will play a quiet game with me. Like football or pick up sticks.

Football is played by sliding a quarter back and forth across the table. Pick up sticks can be done with toothpicks.

We can draw pictures. Mommy is a really good drawer. Georgie, too! Daddy can’t even write his name very well.

Sometimes we look at pictures on Daddy’s phone. There’s a new Disney movie coming out – Frozen. And Maleficent.

Or we can do some research on Daddy’s phone. He tells me the background stories to the princesses for example.

Or we can go to the buffet table together and daddy will help me help myself.

I am not a bad girl at the restaurant. I wonder if I can help mommy and daddy save money, too.