— Bows and Arrows—

Merida's personality traits

Merida’s personality traits

Mia breathed and she could see what looked like smoke coming out. But she wasn’t in the fridge any more.

She was in the hills.

In the distance Mia saw another little girl with red curly hair riding on a big black horse. Mia was happy now to have the gloves and cape from her new friends.

Mia’s new friend told her about her dream to be free and to chase her own future. Even she was a princess she had to listen to her mother. But she didn’t want to sometimes. And it got her into trouble. Mia and the red curly-haired girl became very good friends.

Mia really wanted to shoot the bow and arrow, too. Her new red curly-haired friend told her that she could shoot try. But since there was only one arrow left after she shot the arrow she would have to go find it.

Mia agreed.

Mia let her new friend hold her gloves and she took off her cape.

Mia picked up the bow and arrow and let the arrow fly! The arrow flew a long long way.  Mia went looking for it an in the end found it in a flower bed.

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Where is Shangri La? | Daddy knows. He’s there now.

Posted August 30th, 2015 by Mia Mei

There really is a Shangri La. I know. Because my daddy knows. He’s there now.

Shangri La

Shangri La

He flew there. It took him about 22 hours from our house. Daddy said his arms got really tired.

He took the same airplane route of the airline that crashed in San Francisco a month or so ago. Mommy and I prayed for him. Daddy said he would be fine. The same airline doesn’t crash in the same place twice.

Besides, he was going to Shangri La. Mommy and I hoped that when he got to paradise, he would come back. Most people don’t survive plane crashes. They just live on in paradise … or not.

Daddy called me from paradise.

We got on Google hangouts and he showed us around with is nifty spiffy Samsung Galaxy II.

We could actually see Shangri La. And daddy had honest-to-goodness proof that he was in paradise.

After looking at the surrounding scenery. There was a big river in the middle. And beautiful flowers … orchids and orchids and orchids… Mommy says that was enough proof, but daddy had more.

He took us to the breakfast buffet. So much food. And from every country and for every kind of person in the world … including little girls.

The ultimate proof – they had ICE CREAM!! For breakfast!!

Absolutely, positively, holy katy bar the door, wherever they serve ice cream for breakfast, it must be paradise.

I just hope daddy can come back.


I can think of 1000 reasons a princess will believe in a fairy god mother. Can you?

My daddy and mommy say I am a princess. I think someone pays them to say that. I am not sure

I know I am not as pretty as Ariel or Cinderella or Belle or Mulan or Jasmine or any of those guys even though my daddy says I am prettier than all of them put together. But who knows? Maybe someday I will be. Especially with the kind of mother I have.

I am about 1000 days old. That’s a lot for a little guy like me. I mean, well, um…it’s my whole life. How long is your whole life?

Fairy God Mother

One thing has been cant says tent (Ed: consistent) for the first 1000 days of my life. Read more »

Wil.by knows why bloggers need a sense of humor

Posted August 29th, 2015 by Mia Mei

Wil.by, a.k.a, my daddy knows why bloggers need a sense of humor.

Daddy’s old. He says he has been a round block (Ed: around the block) a few times and NOT just for exorcises. (Ed: exercise or maybe exorcise, too). He knows things. Even how to be a beast or a princess, depending on my mood. 😎

He says he used to tease people. And that was fun. But, sometimes people got their feelings hurt.

So, he changed his straight jacket. (Ed: strategy).

Instead of teasing others, he now makes fun of himself. And THAT, he says, is much more fun.

My big brother, Benjamin Belew, created the Wil.by character. And Wil.by finds himself in all sorts of situations, even different countries.

Here are a few of Benjamin’s latest Wil.by creations.

Daddy loves laughing at himself. He loves when people laugh at him, too.

But when he starts talking Blogging…people start listening.

Do you have a sense of humor?