Top 5 Jobs in Silicon Valley | How Much Do They Pay?

Posted August 1st, 2015 by Mia Mei
Famous Companies in Silicon Valley

Famous Companies in Silicon Valley


The top 5 jobs in Silicon Valley are out. And the one that pays the most is NOT the most wanted job.

I am only 5-years old. Chances are … okay, most certainly they will change … but it will be interesting to come back and read this post in about 20 years to see what people wanted to do when I was kindergarten compared to what I want to do now (then) that I am out of school and hunting.

# 5 – Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer – $120,000/year.

These guys write the language that companies are building their web apps with. Whatever that means.

# 4 – Data Scientist – $150,000 – $250,000

A few years before we couldn’t find the answer. Now we get so many answers to the same question that someone has to help us know which answer we want. Lots and lots of information available. Now, how do we did through all that to find what we want.

# 3 – VP of Engineering – $175,000

This guy or gal gets all the little engineers on the same page. Herding cats comes to mind.

# 2 – Senior iOS software engineer – $130,000 – $140,000

1.5 – 2 years can make you a senior engineer. iOS is not that old.

# 1 – Facebook Intern – $20,000 for 10 weeks.

Bonus points for Stanford and UC Berkeley students for being nearby. Do well, and they might keep you AFTER you graduate. FB recruits from the top 15 computer science schools.

I wonder if I will be able to find this post 15-20 years from now when I am looking for a job. It’ll be interesting to see what has changed and what hasn’t, no?

What’s the Difference Between a Marketer and an Evangelist?

Posted August 1st, 2015 by Mia's Daddy
5 loaves and 2 fish

5 loaves and 2 fish

Is there a difference between a marketer and and evangelist?

My daddy does marks and turning. (Ed. Marketing)

He is also an EE Van Jelly-est. (Ed. evangelist).

He writes about marketing at his site and teaches people about marketing in 4 ums. (Ed. forum)

He is also trying to help God build a church online. You can read it about the online church and what my daddy is doing.

My daddy can also do horses. He was born in the year of the horse. Maybe that’s why he’s good at being my horse.

I was born the year of the pig and my mommy is a sheep.

All this means, is that my family is all over the place.

My daddy says everything has to do with everything … if you can make the connection.

That’s what he does. Connects people to people.

He connects shoppers to sellers. He connects lost people to God.

My daddy is a connector one way or the other.

Go daddy!




Reverse Culture Shock

Reverse Culture Shock

This is a real reverse shocker.

Believe it or not, says daddy, some people won’t take a moment to pick up money they find on the ground.

In fact, some people make so much money that it is not worth their time to stop and pick up a lost $100 bill. They can make more money in the 15 secs it takes to pick up the money.

Holy moly!

My daddy will still pick up a penny. Would you?

He is not stupid tension (Ed. superstitious) but some people say when you pick up a penny with the face up, it’s good luck.

Daddy says he is really lucky. But all his luck is bad.

Still, not picking up money?! Do people really not pick up money they see on the ground.

And why is there a nickel in the middle of the cross walk? Who drops money in the middle of the road? Or in the gym? Or at the park? What are they buying in those places anyway?

And why don’t people place value on money anymore? Big and small money.

How about you? When will you stop and pick up money? How much money do you have to see on the ground before you will bother to pick it up.

People who have lost their ability to place value on even small amounts are in need of some amazing grace, says daddy.

What do you think?



Thou Shalt Not Steal.

I learned this lesson when I was just a little girl. Okay, I am still a little girl. But I know I am not supposed to steal.

Apparently Moses got this commandment sometime after 1967.

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Because … in 1967, an umpire steals the hat off of a St. Louis Cardinal player after the Cards beat the Boston Red Sox in 1967.

At 4:30 into this video you can see the thief in action.

They caught him RED-HANDED. Har har. Get it? Red cap? Red sox?

They have it on tape. Of course, it is 45 years ago.

I think my daddy actually watched this live. Daddy?

Well, the 2 teams are playing each other again this year.

That means my daddy will be looking at his baby phone a lot. He does that when people are throwing balls, hitting balls, swinging and missing at balls and catching balls.

Sometimes they have hard hats on and sometimes soft.

Sometimes they wear clothes that are too big for them and shorts that are too baggy. Sometimes they are on ice and sometimes inside and outside.

I am not sure about all these games. They are look like baseball to me.

All I know is that whoever wins this year, they’d better hang on to their hat.