My daddy never learned to do the hula hoop. He tried to do it when he was little, when he was middle and now that he is old. No go. He even tried to hold the hula hoop still and just run around in the middle. That didn’t work either.

So I showed him how in this first video … sorta.

There are six steps to follow.

Step 1. Find a hula hoop.

It should be hoop that has extra space around it when you stand inside. This is not always the case for some people. Some people can wear a hula hoop like a belt. That will never be me.

Step 2. Stand inside the hula hoop.

No need to jump in. Just step in.

Step 3. Pick up the hula hoop and hold it waist high.

If you can’t get the hula hoop over your butt or down over your shoulders, refer to step 1.

Step 4. Give the hula hoop a very hard spin.

For most people this is the only spin they will ever get unless the next steps. If the hula hoop doesn’t spin, refer to Step 1.

Step 5. Shake you hips side to side and back and forth.

If you were a ship laying sideways, you’d be yawing.

Step 6. Wave your hands above your head like crazy.

If everything else fails, this step alone will make it fun for you and the watcher.

Send me your best hula hooping and I’ll blog about it here.

And when you’re really good maybe you can do this: Watch Marina, a professional hula hooper.

Guide for First time single dads.

Posted July 1st, 2015 by Mia's Daddy
First time single

First time single

In today’s world it’s so common to be a single dad, the reason may be whatsoever. So if also you fall under the situation its become a great and extreme responsibility for you to be proved as a good dad. So all single dads out there here are a few tips which can help you cope up with the difficult situation and bring back life to normal with your kids even without the presence of the mother. The day you accept the responsibility as a single dad you tend to be , playing the role of a mother in the family along with the dad character. As adults we have at least learned some coping mechanisms in our life to deal with change which come from time frame to the times. And even being a single dad is one of the most different things to happen in one’s life. So also for the children even they are even not ready for this sudden change in the family pattern and some time face difficulty accepting you as the family’s backbone and caregiver, generally the role being played by your wife all the time. So it’s time to for you to help your children adjust and here are some few suggestions to carry on with a new start from scratch.My motivation in life - My dad

Talking with them a lot- it’s very different for your children to be familiar and turn friendlier toward you at a sudden and start talking with you after all this change in life . So they start suppressing their feelings and stay quiet and away from you. So this is the time you start talking with them , not as an occasional father but as you are supportive and can turn to be towards your kids. They may respond towards you but if they are not willing don’t put down your efforts and try going ahead, if they are not liking talking with you try them share their feelings with other adults or relatives of the family. It is very important to deal with their feelings and frustrations . They may not feel at any point of time as they are in any kind responsible for the loss of their mother.images (76)

Show confidence in doing things- Children need to see that their dad is confident in doing all kinds of things even in the absence of their mother and optimistic about the future. Let them know that you are ok with life and that with time you and your family will reach a new level of comfort and routine. Your attitude will make a huge difference in how they feel and cope now and later. Looking at you coping up with life will make them understand your individual value and you can set an example for them as generous living and the caring type of dad.

Making and keeping promises- Generally moms are the ones who start nurturing the children from birth to young but when they are not present your child starts disbelieving things . The trust created by the family impact is broken and scattered  and they start loosing trust and hope. This is the time you have to play the most important role in place of the mother, rebuilding their faith hope and trust in family gain. The best way possible to build trust with the children is to make and keep promises . Do what you say you will do and prove them as their dad by doing thing write , and never ever take a chance breaking their promise or giving false promises and not doing them. This will help them rebuild rust within themselves and also bring them together along with the family.

As a conclusion all single dads have to be very careful from the day they decide to move ahead with the family in the absence of the mother , as the life ahead will not be so easy to compete and let you stay free at all points of time.

Thank you for reading.

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Temper tantrum

Temper tantrum

Here’s another story of a mother who couldn’t control her kid and thought the blogosphere should know about it.

It reads kind of like a rant or a pity party.

Yesterday, I gave my advice for dealing with kids and temper tantrums. And if that advice doesn’t work, then do increase the dosage.

But in the article I read today the point was not that she was having issues with her kids but that she was having issues with somebody offering her advice that she didn’t ask for. That’s called unsolvable advice. (Ed: unsolicited advice)

Some lady out of the blue (actually it was a grocery store) followed the mommy out of the store and made her feel small because of how she handled or mishandled her children.

Uncool. The rule of giving advice if you feel you absolutely must is to offer encouragement. Say something positive.

My daddy is good at this. He is a real encourager. He says it’s fun to make other people feel good.

Yesterday at Panera, he works there sometimes, he saw a couple (daddy was white guy and wife was Asian) with three kids, all under 3. The kids were very well-behaved and the 5-some were enjoying their dinner.

“You guys seem to be doing a great job with your kids. Whatever it is you are doing, keep it up.”

Then daddy left.

Why is it that some families have very well-behaved kids and others don’t?

What’s different? Bad genes? The luck of the kid draw?

Here again is my advice for dealing with temper tantrums, even you didn’t ask for it.

Merchant in Aladdin

Merchant in Aladdin

“Like so many things, it is not what’s on the outside, but inside that counts.” – Merchant, Aladdin

It is not always the wise king, the guru, the monk, the student or the man/woman in the ivory tower who has learned a great lesson.

Sometimes it is the man or woman on the street.

We don’t always learn the best lessons when we are in school or at work or in the laboratory.

Sometimes we learn lessons on the street.

The lesson that the merchant in Aladdin is teaching is echoed in the Bible in a different way.

The merchant simply says that it’s what inside that counts. It’s the character of the person that matters, not just their appearance.

When Samuel was looking for a king seven times he picked the wrong person. He chose warriors, good looking people, popular people.

But God told him, “Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.”

God is saying that it’s not the outside that matters. It’s the inside. It’s the heart.

I want to be a person of strong character. I want my character to be so strong that it oozes out to my outward appearance, too.

I want people to be able to see me and know what’s in my heart.