I love the princesses. Snow White is one of my favorites. I mean, seriously. How can anybody pick a favorite princess? They are all amazing.

Only my daddy can pick a favorite. He says, “Mia is my favorite princess.” He he he.

These days Snow White is my favorite.

I mean she has seven very special friends, one of them even being Grumpy!

Snow White and Grumpy

Well, I learned that Grumpy lives next to us. He gets mad and yells and his dog barks real loud and he yells and he pounds on the fence and he yells and scares me and my grandma and grandpa and he yells and he walks his big dog and he yells and and and…

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Spending time with kids – Part 1

Posted November 25th, 2015 by Mia's Daddy

Every father seems busy at work , but apart from work and other things the most important thing to tackle is family . It becomes very difficult for busy dads to find time out of their busy schedule to play with their kids there by depriving them of their children’s love and affection. Few times spent with the kids can make them understand the importance of fatherhood and also realize the presence of dads in their lives. So all dads out there spend some time with your kids.

Love your kid.

Love your kid.

PROVIDE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND AFFECTION :– Giving unconditional love to the family spares you from all past sins . This is the starting point because there is where God begins with us: he loves us no matter what we have done – no matter how badly we had screwed up in the past . All children have a deep desire to hear from their dad that he loves them to know. This in their heart of hearts. A lack of unconditional parental love is the number one cause of low self image for teenagers and low self image are the common root of every tragic teen problem. Two most powerful factors in how teens develop self image are close relationship with the father and the second spending a lot of time with dads. SO you can really help keep your kids out of trouble by providing them yourself unconditional love and spend time with them.

SPEND T-I-M-E :-images
What many  dads cite as their number one obstacle to being a Great Dad but what they forget are the basic reason to do for the well being of the family. When 1500 school children were asked: What makes a happy family? The answer from nearly each one was  “Doing things Together”. 10 minutes is the average time dads spent with preschoolers one on one each day and the kids spend at least 30 hours with video images of dads and males .Thus children spend at least 10 times as much time with these video images as their own dads. Here’s where the difference shows . Learn what to say to your child if he wants your attention. Practical tip: 5 second drill – When a child wants your attention, before answering Yes or no, just look into their eyes for 5 seconds and then answer. Have fun with activities, traditions, birthday parties, reading time, get into the child’s interest area, give them a half day – and say to them, “you choose”. It is your responsibility to balance between work and family so the best way is to follow your heart.

Communicating with your kids by sending your kids “love notes” – brief notes expressing your love and concern for them and just showing them you are thinking about them. Also ask them what they are doing, how they are doing, what their interests are, friends, etc. – In short, be interested in their world. Share yourself – what’s on your heart, the lessons you have learned from mistakes of the past, and your dreams for the future. Hold family meetings if possible , can be on Sunday afternoon or early evenings close with each family member.

By doing these certain small things we only improve ourselves as a good dad in the eyes of our own children and also tend to spare some time with family as a whole. This spreads love and affection between you as a dad and the kids.

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Silicon Valley Syndrome

Silicon Valley Syndrome

California has worked very hard to get smoking out of the culture here.

I think the next step is to have “No Sitting” signs posted here, there and everywhere.

Silicon Valley syndrome?

60% = 3 out of every 5 people sitting at a table working on their computers have pain in some way. Their health is affected for worse.

36% of people get eye strain. (This happened to daddy. Found out he was wearing the wrong glasses.)

30% have back pain.

27% have neck pain.

More women are affected by Silicon Valley Syndrome than men. 63% versus 56%.

Young people 18-34 were three times as likely as old people, over 45, to do something about it, as in put down their mobile devices and go play.

The solution comes in 6 steps.

1. Stand up – there’s a guy who stands up at tall desk in the office where daddy works. Daddy calls him his hero.

2. Move more – not too and back from the refrigerator.

3. Get outside – not walking back and forth to the nearby bakery.

4. Digital detox – a sabbath day from all things techie.

5. Connect – meet people offline. Stand up when you do it. Or go for a walk with them when you do it.

6. Set boundaries – set no before and no after times for going online in any form.

Daddy was checking his email under the covers this morning so the screen wouldn’t wake up mommy.

Daddy are you reading.

These guys did a great data report on Silicon Valley Syndrome. <= Click to read.



Jesus’ 12-step plan for how to do a Start Up – video

Posted November 25th, 2015 by Mia Mei

Jesus knows something about doing a Start Up. Maybe not a hi-tech type of Start Up. But starting with zero and growing a vibrant organization. Jesus knows a LOT about that.

I heard just a day or two ago that there are now some 2.4 billion people that are members of the church (Jesus’ start up). And the organization has been around some 2000 years. Read more »