My mommy likes John Denver. Daddy, too. But daddy is not Chinese. He’s made in USA. Mommy is made in China.

Mommy said Chinese really liked John Denver when he first came to China a hundred years ago when she was a little girl.

“John Denver is easy to understand. And he doesn’t only sing love songs. He sings about mountains, and hills and country sides and stuff. Chinese really like that. They sing about those kinds of things, too.”

Daddy grew up listening to the 60’s music. He says it because that’s what his older brothers and sisters listened to. Truth is. He grew up in the 60’s.

During that time, everybody wrote love songs. I fell in love. I fell out of love. She came. He left. Love song, love song. Boring.

Pop music, rock music, country music. All love songs.

Daddy said that if you play a country music song backwards, your house will come back down from out of the sky, your dog will come back to life and your wife will come back to you.” Maybe she was at the store.

There’s more to sing about then love songs for sure.

Stars and letters and sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere.

What kind of songs do you like?

My daddy is teaching a class called bao bao mark and ting university. (Ed. Inbound Marketing University.)

He has an egg carton number of students who are creating web sites around various topics. All of them want more people to visit their sites. And my daddy knows how to do that = get people to come to web sites.

Bicultural Mama

Bicultural Mama

He’s a snow shoe media expert. (Ed. Social Media Expert) He does stuff on his computer and people show up. He’s done it so many times that people keep asking him how he does it. So, he teaches a class.

I like when people ask my daddy questions. I like to watch him answer questions for people. I like to watch people watch and listen to my daddy when he teaches and answers questions. I like when people like my daddy. I like, make that love my daddy.

One of the things my daddy teaches that is important for growing the number of people to a web site is that you have to reach out to other people who write about the same things you do. In other words, make friends.

That makes sense. And I like to make friends, too.

So, I have been spending this morning looking for other people who write about the same thing I do.

And to be honest the list is short.

So far the best web site I found is Bicultural Mama.

I will tell you why I like it in my next post.


Stonegae dad

Stonegae dad

These dads are out of sync with the current times that we live in and have a big problem in communicating their thoughts and ideas to the members of their family.  This might be because of the fact that they might not be educated or are completely illiterate lacking basic idea of wisdom or they might have mental challenges because of which their intelligence is challenged.  Their children might on the other hand might be bright and they in turn have a tough time in dealing with their father who is challenged in terms of being able to tune into their frequency and mentally handicapped in many cases.

These children sometimes are very cognizant of these facts and try and adapt to these limitations posed by their fathers situation and in many instances they act as guides for these dads in explaining in detail their ideas on technology, life and on day to day chores.  Their spouses are often times in very tight corners because they are breadwinners of their families and have to contend with these men who are not able to adapt to changing times and technological advances and cycles that the world goes through and are stuck in their rigid mindsets and generally view their husbands as liabilities and prisoners of their own creation.

These dads are not able to adapt to the changing environment that we live and are often prisoners of their own imagination and mindset.  Many of these dads are not open minded and view things as static and not dynamic and are sort of programmed beings who are not welcome to fresh ways of thinking or fresh ways of doing things.  They are often the people with their own way of doing things and do not like to engage in any kind of debates or discussions with their family members  which is often times the primary reason why there is bound to be conflict in these families.

When it comes to adopting modern technology such as computers and smart phones these dads in many cases prefer to carry out day to day activities by word of mouth rather than opening their eyes and ears to world out there which is constantly evolving in terms of new gadgets and instruments being discovered.  These parents also are not appreciative of their children taking their own decisions when it comes to choosing their life partner from a different sect, class, race or religion and some of them are fascinated with their own caste and religion and are often engaged in a bitter spat with their family members for not toeing their line of thinking and decision making creating lot of rift within the family and therefore viewed as a thorn in the flesh by their children.

Many of these dads are also engulfed in family pride and traditions that they go out of the way in making sure that they come in the way of their children’s choices whether it may be their careers, marriage or investment decisions and this creates real friction between them and their family members.  Usually the wife is the one who acts as a mediator between their children and their family but in many cases the wife has to side with the decision of their husbands and the children are the ones who have to bear the brunt of the mistakes of their father.  The children in many cases develop bitter animosity towards  these dads and end up leaving their family for good and breaking ties permanently with their parents thereby ending the saga of relations with their immediate and extended families.


Mine is the World’s Best Dad.

Doesn’t every little girl think that about their daddy?

My daddy and mommy and I went to Phoenix. It took like 413 “Are we there yets” to get there. I mean it was far far far away and then some.

I fell asleep. Watched Netflix. Ate some snacks. Played some games on my iPad mini, and we still had a long long way to go.

But it was worth it.

My daddy teaches people who to change their world, how to change the world. And he did it again in Phoenix at Pressnomics. Pressnomics is a bunch of people doing daddy stuff. I am not sure. Daddy told me, but I didn’t get it.

But somebody got it. Chris Ford got it.

She got it so well she put it into a picture. Daddy says they are call info giraffes. (Ed. infographics).

Chris created it in a blog post called Pressnomics Type Notes | Bill Belew. <=Take a look.

You can also see it here –



Daddy says that if you can understand these simple steps you can change the world. You just have to keep stepping long enough.

Thanks, Chris for sending out some love for my daddy. Nothing can make a little girl more happier than to know she is not the only one who loves the World’s Best Dad.