I don’t get down under that much. As in down under in Australia. Okay, I have never been there.

But the day may be getting closer. Daddy gets asked to speak on cruise ships and he gets offers for Australia every now and then.

Even I went, I don’t think I could get anybody to play with me.

I found this report.

Kids Spend Time Online

Kids Spend Time Online

The average 8-10 year old kid in Australia spends a whopping 5 hours and 29 minutes connected – the TV, listening to music, on their computer or playing video games. Added up individually and that same kid spends 7 hours 51 minutes connected.

That’s serious multi-tasking.

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The average 11-14-year old kid in Australia spends a whopping 8 hours and 40 minutes connected – the TV, listening to music, on their computer or playing video games. Added up individually and that same kid spends 11 hours 53 minutes connected.

The average 15-18-year old kid in Australia spends a whopping 7 hours and 58 minutes connected – the TV, listening to music, on their computer or playing video games. Added up individually and that same kid spends 11 hours 23 minutes connected.

Wow! That’s a lot of time connected to something digital.

I think I spend less than an hour each day. I might watch a 23-minute show on Netflix while going to school each morning. And that’s pretty much it. I get to watch 2 shows on the weekend.

I sure am going to have to do a lot of catching up when I get older.

How much time do your kids spend connected?

A lesson I learned from my Engineer dad

Posted August 30th, 2016 by Mia's Daddy

Dad’s are the best. Not only because in many ways they are your teachers in life, but they also show you life by example.

I was very inspired by Bill’s blog post on his dad which he recently posted.

You realize, from a Dad’s perspective you are his son, who is more than capable of either doing what he did better but also showing him the path from the mistakes and triumphs he has mad in his life.

If I were to define in one word, what my Dad has always tried to inculcate into me, it has to be without doubt – Discipline.

Discipline I guess has been one of the core values of my Dad. The ability take each day in a methodical fashion, to accomplish everything that is on his plate, to carry in his shoulders the responsibility of the entire family. And if you want to really do all that – you need to be disciplined.

I have been your typical teenager, irresponsible and oblivious to all to the value of things that surround you. As young adults, you take things for granted, because your parents have protected you from what might have been otherwise the “real world”. Its only as you grow up that you realize these and you respect your parents even more.

Talking about discipline, the first thing I have to say that really inspired me till date has been the planning and time management my dad has always had. I have never seen him get late for a single occasion. Be it going to work, or to a friends dinner party, he has always been on time. Something that I have struggled with. And now when I look back, I see how important time is and being punctual is got to be taken seriously.

And the second aspect is planning. He would wake up early, I guess around 5:00 am and go about his morning routine. By 7:oo am he would have taken bath, read his newspapers, planned for work, and even performed his morning exercise/meditation routines.

By that time, we would be up, and he will be sipping his coffee, ready to spend some quality time with family on the breakfast table. And thats it, next I see him is around 7 in the evening, back from work. Again, I have never seen him bring work back home. Well because he always has time. Now its time for his favorite shows on TV, until around 9 pm when the kids are back from playing outside and its time for dinner. Again some more quality family time. By 10:00 pm he would retire to bed, maybe reading a book sometimes.

It might seem like a simple routine, but today when I see around, I see people prioritizing one thing over the other unable to maintain the right balance. And I guess the right word here is – Balance. And yes this is something that I would love incorporate as a part of my everyday life.

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Techie Dads lives, stories and experiences!

Posted August 30th, 2016 by Mia's Daddy
Techie Dads

Geek Dads

Techie dads spend most of their time before the laptop writing code and researching Google on the latest flashing news in the tech industry.  They are always online playing with their laptop, iPad or smart phones and browse all day instead of spending quality times with their spouse or children.  This behavior is really annoying to some people who are around them and often people wonder if they had anything better to do rather than spending time before the computer.  Some of them become slaves to the machine and not act wisely in order to balance their time with their friends and family.  Some of them even when they are out to enjoy with their family members are still busy browsing  the internet for news or playing with same gaming app which pisses off people around them.

Understandably these dads are very technical minded and go out of their way to buy fancy and latest gadgets which they do not really need because they would have bought a similar gadget some time back and without using it fully till its lifetime they switch to the latest gadget in the market.  They spend lavishly on fancy gadgets because it intrigues their technical curiosity and  is fashionable among their other geek friends around whom they can flash their new device therefore making them feel a sense of community that is unique in taste and outlook. They are often seen in casuals rather than formals and with glasses because they spend most of their time staring at the monitor and reading material of the internet and keep downloading content from the web.

Techie dads also help out their children in many ways with their school projects or helping them with course work on their school activities.  They ensure that their children are raised in a financially sound and secure environment because they want to be number one in what ever they do or take up and because of this fact they raise their children in an atmosphere of competitiveness and hard work, which they believe is an important recipe for success.  They have a constant longing and desire for striving towards excellence and believe in making their dreams come true through constantly pushing the boundaries of technology, innovation and science through continuous improvisation and learning practices.

These  dads are also seen pushing their kids very hard towards reaching to the top in education in their classrooms and are often seen very dissatisfied with the results of their children, even though their children might be performing fairly well and are above average as compared to their peers in the classrooms.  These dads try and imbibe strict code of conduct and method in the minds of their children from a very early age so that these kids set themselves very high standards and raising the bar for these dads is an important factor for these dads.

These dads also do not take things lightly and are very hard on themselves and their kids and spouses in ensuring that their personal and social goals are met .




Pocahontas was tough to find at Disneyland. Okay, think impossible. When we visited Disney World we were told that we MIGHT find her in the Animal Kingdom. When daddy and I thought about it it made sense. But we didn’t have time to go to the Magic Kingdom AND Epcot Center AND the Animal Kingdom.

But … we did come upon Pocahontas one day when I was a very little girl when we were between Adventure Land and Frontier Land at Disneyland. I have proof.

Finding Pocahontas in Frontierland

Finding Pocahontas in Frontier Land

Pocahontas is harder to catch than the wind because she is:

Naughty One – she disobeyed her father. And look where that got her.

Free-spirited – not to be forced into a mold. She lived her own life, took the stream less sailed.

Independent – lives her own life

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Responsible – watches out for the animals around her

Adventurous – experiences all that life has to offer

Creation loving – enjoys the world she is born in to

Spiritual – understands there is more to life than what you see and touch

Wise – not sophisticated in an Eastern sense, but still very insightful

Noble – uncompromising for her own benefit

Brave – will stand up to anyone

Athletic – climbs, runs, jumps, dives, swim

Skillful – look mom, no hands … but still she can do

Strong – None of this, ‘well I am a woman’ stuff.

Pocahontas has a lot to offer for little girls to look up to. Starting with me.
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